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Venue Ideas in San Francisco
10 months ago



San Francisco is one of America's major cities, and it has so much to offer. It is not just a historical city because it has a made a name for itself as a commercial, industrial, tourist and even educational city and each year millions visit this city just to have a slice of what San Francisco has to offer. Whether you are a local of San Francisco or not, at some point you may want to have an event in San Francisco which means you may want to choose a great venue for your event. If at all you want a great venue in San Francisco, there are a few options to consider. However, even as you consider the venue find out if it will fit the number of guests you have, whether the ambiance is suitable, the price of hiring the place and even the aesthetics of the place. With all those factors in mind, the following options can work for you.


San Francisco has so many rooftop venues that you can consider. There are a lot of buildings that would gladly let you have your event on their rooftop at a fee. On a good summer night, a party or event on the rooftop of any of San Francisco's building would be amazing because you get to enjoy the sky at night. It even gets better if you can get an unobstructed view of the city. Explore your options for buildings that can hire their rooftops as long as you are within your budget.


If you have more money to work with, you could always go for a yacht deck as the venue of your event. While hiring a yacht is costly, you can negotiate a great deal that will ensure that you get value for the money that you are paying. Find a good event home or for a great wedding venue, check it out!


There are some halls that are usually hired out for events. There is a variety regarding layout, location, size, ambiance and even price which means that you have options to explore and you do not have to be limited. Based on what you want your event to look like and the money you have, you can get your choice of a hall.

Last on our lists are golf courses. Golf courses make for the best wedding, birthday and even corporate outdoor activities venue. With that said, there is a good number of golf courses that you could consider as the perfect venue for your event. If you are good at negotiating you can get an attractive deal. More on event venues and how to get the best one, read here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/christina-millikin-/9-questions-you-need-to-a_b_8218238.html.

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